Il Porticciolo came to life after Italian born Carola Ploederl Cafiero created her knitwear brand Totò Bebè (named after her first son Tancredi) which is now part of Il Porticciolo.

It is a London based children's wear multi brand that focuses on traditional Italian style and elegance for 0 to 8 year olds. Carola wanted to bring all her favourite Italian brands together in order to show the exquisite and renowned taste of the made in Italy. 

All children's clothes are produced in Italy and finished by artisans to achieve an excellent quality. We have brands such as Paio Crippa who makes and creates more than thirty varieties of tartan; Nicoletta Fanna who’s brand is the best one in embroidered shirts and Il Cortile which love and passion have been the result of a detailed perfection.

Brands Available: Kriss for Pupi Solari, Mariella Ferrari for Pupi Solari, Pupi Solari, Nicoletta Fanna, Le Nouveau Ne, Il Cortile, Paio Crippa, Il Porticciolo Knitwear